Ramdoot Membership

Chinmaya Ramdoot Membership


In a family, a few members, voluntarily assume the responsibility to create a  sustainable environment for the greater good of the extended family.

Chinmaya Ramdoot Parivar and Basic Balavihar dues are the two membership programs launched this year.


Chinmaya Ramdoot Parivar is a group of CM members who help manifest their shared vision to sustain the nurturing environment that Chinmaya Ramdoot (BBNJ) has grown to be.

Why do we need Parivar Members?

  • Ensure that the Mission Endures for Our Children’s Children.
    • Our endeavor is to have the facilities in good condition to meet the growing needs of congregation. Renting and Maintaining large facilities is expensive.
      Goal is to cover operating expenses from BV revenue and use fund-raising income to pay off the debt.
  • Cover Yearly Gap in Operating Funds
    • Despite the fact that our operations are run almost entirely by volunteers, the Balavihar revenue, does not cover our operating expenses.

As Chinmaya Ramdoot Parivar member, your family will enjoy the following Complimentary benefits:

  • Admission to Balavihar & Cultural classes
  • Yoga/Meditation classes
  • Omcooking classes
  • Adult Art classes
  • Parenting talk series
  • Vocal Karaoke classes

Chinmaya Parivar Membership: $1,200 per annum

Payment options:

  • Single payment of $1,200
  • Auto Monthly Draft of $100 each (12 installments)

To become Chinmaya Parivar member please visit the
Registration  or Donation site.

Basic Balavihar Dues

Families registering as Basic member will benefit from Balavihar classes and Adult Study circles. If a Basic member would like to register for ala-carte classes offered at the venue, they pay a donation of $200 per class that is offered for the whole academic year.


Activities Parivar Non-Parivar 2018-19 Location Timings
Art Inclusive $200 School – Sunday 11:45am -12:30pm
Yoga & Meditation Inclusive $200 School – Sunday 10:15am -11:15am
Parenting series Inclusive $200 School – Sunday 10:15am -11:15am
Vocal Karaoke Inclusive $200 Home – Sunday 4pm – 5pm
Om Cooking Inclusive $200 Home – Saturday 3pm – 4pm
Balavihar Inclusive $600 School – Sunday 9:30am – 11:45am


For any assistance please contact registration team by email info@chinmayaramdoot.com


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