Summer camp 2022

Date : 08 Jun 2022

Chinmaya Ramdoot is happy to announce SUPER HERO HANUMAN!: Summer Camp!

Whether you are in town or traveling, we wish to invite all children from Kindergarten to 8th Grade to participate in a fun, informative and enriching Online Summer Camp from June27th – July 22nd exploring all the strengths of Bhakta Hanumānji!

Daily Mon-Fri kids will have yoga, and activities ranging from Arts and Crafts, Bhajans, Chanting and much more. Plus they will have Story and learning time with Akalkaji!

Hanumānji is the Super Hero who always stands for Dharma, shows us how to defeat our inner and outer Negativities and never tires in the work of His Bhagavān Śrī Rāma!


• Online Zoom
• June27th – July 22nd 2022
• Mon-Fri
• 10am-12pm EST

• Cost:
$200 for first child
$150 for additional
For full 4 weeks.