” With Remembrance of Shri Narayana”

Received your letter. Pleased to know the happenings at your end.

Spiritual and devotional activities are unique and essential to human beings, while sensual activities are common to all living beings. Whatever you do without expectation and as devotional service to God is in itself a great sadhana.

Such activities transform one’s mind to an unblemished state i.e.a state of mind without haughtiness, false pride, sensual attachment and anger. Along with these activities, devotional service and True Knowledge of the Atman evolve and should be cultivated.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this earthly existence of ours could be useful to the service of our fellow beings, in whatever small or large measures as possible? Please recognise that this in itself is pure devotion to God, if carried out without expectation of rewards.

Wishing you spiritual love, peace and well being

S/d …
Swami Tapovanam.

Letter to Swami Govindagiri and every spiritual seeker

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