22-6- 56

“Om Namo Narayanaya”
Letter written from Rewa received yesterday. And also letter from Bangalore received July. Very glad to know that you have successfully conducted the yagna of Bangalore. By the grace of God you can also conduct the Rewa yagna very successfully.
Here we are all doing well. My health is the same as before. Not better or worse. What is to be happened will happen, that is, prarabdha is doing its work. Dr. Khosla of Delhi has sent me some medicines kindly, and I am now taking these medicines. But the effect is not so satisfactory.
Do all help for the publication of “English Himagiri Vihar” for the benefit of the English knowing public.
Hope you will write your future programme. That is, about Tanjore yagna and other yagnas. Hope J.Atmanand and others, your party members are all doing well.

With love and best wishes
S/d …
Swami Tapovanam

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