Silence is Truth. Silence is Bliss. Silence is Peace. And hence Silence is Atman. Such a silence or to be established in such a silence is the ultimate goal of all spiritualism. It is Moksha. It is the end of this endless cycle of births and deaths. Sri Ramana Maharshi was an embodiment of such a silence or he was Silence itself. Therefore he did not preach Silence.He was not a preacher of Silence. He could not preach Silence. When one becomes away from Silence, he can preach Silence. How can Silence itself preach Silence.
Nearly 35 or 40 years ago, I had the good fortune of having the Darshan of Maharshi at Tiruvannamalai when he was living there in a cave along with his mother and brother.One mid day, I, a young Brahmachari at that time,climbed to the cave, saw the Maharshi there,placed a bunch of ripe banana fruits,bowed and sat before him.At the same moment, monkeys jumped into the cave, took all the fruits and ran away. Maharshi looked at my face lovingly. That is all. Not a single word he spoke. I too. Supreme divine Silence prevailed.One hour passed.He rose for taking meals. I too rose from my seat, bowed again and began to walk down from the cave.Someone came to me and pressed me to take a little Prasad. Thankfully I refused. Maharshi called him back and advised him not to press me. Then I left the cave.
Maharshi was the idol of peace and silence.It is the duty of all those who admire and follow him to seek after that divine Silence. The enquiry of that divine Silence is nothing else but the enquiry “ Who am I”.
Oh Man, Enquire and be immersed in that inner Silence. Do all the work of this world to reach that goal, to attain that divine Silence. If you have already attained that Silence, do work for Loka – sangraha if you like so, just as the ocean is dancing, laughing, and roaring with its thundering waves, although the inner depth of it is always in perfect Silence and Peace.

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