Chinmaya Mission has eight Pitamaha Sadans (senior citizens homes) in India. They are located in Allahabad, Kanpur, Rewa, Tamaraipakkam, Coimbatore, Ellayapalle, Kothapatnam, and Kolhapur. The Pitamaha Sadans provide affordable and comfortable accommodation, nourishing vegetarian food, libraries, medical and other facilities.

The focus of the Pitamaha Sadans is on spirituality. They organise many spiritual activities, including regular Vedanta classes, satsangs, bhajan sessions, celebration of festivals, and periodic sadhana camps, thus providing an excellent ambiance for spiritual unfoldment.

"We must make an effort to not be reborn. No birth, no samsara. Such a beautiful idea: Freedom! No punar-janma (rebirth). No disgraceful aging, no graceless aging, no graceful aging. No problem at all. Complete freedom. This is what our scriptures lead us to - complete spiritual enlightenment."

– Swami Tejomayananda

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