The daily schedule starts with morning meditation, followed by lectures, breakfast, Vedic chanting, Sanskrit classes and discussion groups. The evening includes personal walk time, arti, and inspiring satsangs with different acharyas speaking about their spiritual journeys.

"We started in earnest. A motley group of sadhaks from all walks of life — ages of fresh thirty-year olds to the graceful dignity of eighty years. Everyone picked up the discipline overnight and the enthusiasm was contagious."
- Indu Narinder Singh, Student, 1992 Dharma Sevak Course, Powai, Mumbai

During the entire period, there are no holidays and the students are not allowed to leave the campus. Accommodation consists of comfortable twin-sharing rooms with attached bathrooms. Wholesome, saattvika, vegetarian food is served.

"But living such a lifestyle does not feel austere or difficult. It just feels right, and it conserves your energy in such a way that you are able to serve and act with full attention and sincerity each day. Age becomes irrelevant; as a group we ranged from age twenty to sixty-six, and we all felt completely bonded. We laughed, studied, and reflected in an intensely saattvika environment for six weeks; it was impossible for us not to feel deeply connected by the end."
- Vishva Sondhi, student, 8th Dharma Sevak Course 2010, Coimbatore

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