In order to facilitate the performance of rituals with proper understanding, Chinmaya Mission has started the Purohita Course at three locations:

1. The Chinmaya Veda Vidya Peetha in Chokkahalli, Karnataka, with the inspiration of Swami Brahmananda.

2. Chinmaya Vaidik Vidyapeetha in Coimbatore, under the guidance of Swamini Vimalananda.

3. Purohita Course in Mandhana, Kanpur, with the inspiration of Swami Subodhananda

Both institutes provide an integrated free course on Vedas, Agni-kaarya (fire rituals), vratas (sacred vows), upasanas (worship techniques), homa (any oblation or sacrifice), Murti sthapana (idol installation), pujas and many other rituals. The course also imparts the knowledge of how, when, why and where regarding the rituals, ceremonies, worship and festivals of Hindu religion. The selected students, (aged 15-30) called Vedaputras, are trained for one and a half to two years. Subjects taught include Sanskrit grammar, Astrology, English and Vedic Chanting. Students are also trained to conduct Bala Vihars, Devi groups and short satsangs.

The highlight of the Purohita Course is that it spans all the significant aspects of Hindu rituals. The Chinmaya vision guiding the course also illumines many key aspects of Hindu practices that are threatened by lack of proper understanding. The Purohita Course aims to raise the respect people have for rituals in their life and establish the important balance between ritualism and philosophy

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