"After having studied, you have the responsibility to teach others. You are creating your world. Just as after studying from my teacher, I have been hammering it to others-THINK! -you can do it too. You must work for the good of society. Think over how best you can do it."
- Swami Chinmayananda

After successfully completing the course, most Yuva Veers find challenging jobs where they use their knowledge, training and skills to help their companies move ahead with their goals. A few, become successful entrepreneurs, set up their own businesses, and pursue innovative projects making optimal use of their expertise and talents. Yet others decide to serve Chinmaya Mission as full-time qualified graduates, with fresh, original ideas to enthusiastically help the Mission in its task of spreading 'maximum happiness, to maximum people, for the maximum amount of time.'

But above all, regardless of the path Yuva Veers decide to take up, there is clarity on one thing: SERVE - serve society, serve Chinmaya Mission, serve the family, serve their nation, serve the world … Service becomes primordial in the life of a Yuva Veer, because there is no greater happiness than “to give more than what we take.”

"YEP has helped me a lot. I've learned many things: how to understand others and hence help needy people. It has helped me in living a disciplined life. YEP has shown me a way of life. I joined YEP because I wanted to serve the ashram and people and hence I grew into a better person."
- Rani Dunput, YV3,
Lecturer, Mauritius Institute of Education

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