YEP is a one-year, work-study residential programme of All-India CHYK (Chinmaya Mission’s Youth Wing) for young adults (18-28 years) and aims at creating nation-builders of tomorrow. YEP provides insights to the problems faced by youngsters today and practical solutions to overcome them, empowering the young ones to Learn, Serve and Grow. ‘Yuva-veers’, as participants are called, are sent out to serve in different parts of India and the world, to apply and test what they have learned.

Across the world today, youth impact the society and have power to bring change with the right vision, life skills and sense of compassion. Especially in a nation like India where the youth are about 35% of the population, they form the country’s greatest source of 'renewable energy' being the youngest and largest working force.

The first seven batches of YEP have seen over 330 inspired youngsters who have not only served Chinmaya Mission in various locations and projects during the prescribed tenure of service but quite a few have even joined the Chinmaya Mission full-time, bringing with them dynamism and energy.

The success of the YEP programme thus far,  has led to the initiation of the same in the US with 31 youngsters having participated in the first batch of YEP West.

"It (YEP) transformed my life by giving clarity on the purpose of this birth."
- Shibani Khorana, YV1,
Full-time Sevak, Chinmaya Mission


The vision of YEP is to nurture the untapped potential of youth and inspire them to bring about a positive transformation in them and the nation as a whole. To achieve this goal, it empowers participants through its formula of Learn, Serve and Grow!

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