The initial two and a half months of YEP is the period for learning and the course is conducted at Chinmaya Mission’s Vision Centre, Chinmaya Vibhooti, in Kolwan near Pune. Participants are exposed to Vedantic studies, group discussions, adventure activities, cultural performances, movie-based workshops, games, creative teaching methodologies and so forth to realise their potential. The diverse teaching faculty consists of spiritual gurus, management and industry experts and professionals from different fields. Yuva Veers from past batches enrich the programme by sharing their experiences on how to manage life, grow and evolve.

The learning in YEP’s two and a half month intensive training course includes:

1)    Bhagavad-gita (overview on each chapter)

2)  Fundamentals of Vedanta through texts like Bhaja Govindam, Tattva Bodha, and Upadesh Sara

3)    Devotional texts such as Hanuman Chalisa, Essence of Ramayana, Narada Bhakti Sutra and Rama Gita

4)    Learning Sanskrit - reading, writing and speaking

5)    How to conduct workshops on Attitude, Time and Stress Management

6)    Vision on Indian culture

7)    Yoga and physical training

8)    Movie Workshops (on movies such as: The Matrix series, Peaceful Warrior, The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Last Samurai and many more!)

"YEP has given me the strength to live independently and has given a direction to my life."
- Raajitha K. S., YV2,
Senior Executive, Research and Development, EZ Vidya Pvt Ltd., Chennai

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