Subsequent to the theoretical learning in the training period, the students are placed at various Chinmaya Mission centres across the globe and responsibilities are allocated to them based on their aptitude.

The service period plays a significant role in providing practical implementation of the knowledge received during the earlier part of the course. Participants gain concrete experience in various pursuits such as organising camps, conducting youth classes, creative writing, scripting and enacting theatre plays and serving in rural parts of the country.

Yuva Veer reaches out to all age groups of citizens - from children (Bala Vihar), to youth (CHYK) and elders (through serving during Jnana Yajnas).

So far over 330 Yuva Veers from seven batches have reached out to:

1) More than 3 lakh youth through college talks, national camps, theatre and youth classes.

2) More than 2 lakh children through Bala Vihars and school camps.

Moreover, Yuva Veers have conducted over 200 competitions and Seva projects in villages through CORD, helping lakhs of underprivileged people to improve the quality of their lives.

"If not YEP, I would have been in a job without knowing my true potential. I wouldn’t have known that I enjoy empowering others. I wouldn’t have known even that I can LEAD!"
- Santhosh, YV2,
Teacher Trainer and Product Innovation, EZ Vidya Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

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