• CCMT currently has about 75 computers comprising of high end windows workstations for HD video editing, Mac and 5 servers on Linux and Windows platforms.
  • The entire CCMT office is now put on a seamless wireless network so that a user doesn’t loose connectivity and has the flexibility of working on laptops and tablets anywhere in the office.
  • There is a 24-hour dedicated internet access with fault tolerance and failover facility using a cluster firewall which also provides a protection from External Attacks. The computers and servers are protected by 3 layers of antivirus software.
  • The data storage and backup facility consists of Network Attached Storage Devices with a total of 130 TBs of storage space with redundant hard disks for fault tolerance. This data is regularly backed up on External Tapes using tape drives which will be stored in a remote Data Centre or Location.
  • All these devices are kept alive 24 hours all the year round by a total of 40 KVA Online UPS systems. These devices are been protected from all sorts of Electrical faults and monitored by fire sensing and dousing devices which operate automatically as required. Besides keeping the storage areas clean and cool, the humidity level of the storage facilities is continuously monitored to avoid degradation of storage media.

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