Books Division known as CHINMAYA PRAKASHAN, being heart and soul of CCMT in propagating the themes of our scriptures and teachings of our Acharyas to maintain our rich cultural heritage, its efficient functioning is ensured by dedicated team of workers at different levels lead by the General Manager of Chinmaya Prakashan (Publication Division of CCMT)


Various modern mechanism are adopted to ensure availability of stock of Books, CD’s/ DVD’s etc. to meet demands of Chinmaya Mission Centers and Vidyalayas on special occasions and other times also. As demand for our publications and CD’s have gone beyond our Mission Centers, CCMT Stores is always prepared to cater leading book stores dealers, who are adding in our customers list from time to time. Besides books in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati published by CCMT at Mumbai, other regional language books are also kept in our main stores to meet the demand of regional language books.CD/VCD/DVD/MP3 audios are produced under strict quality control by renowned reproductive units by latest technology and stored properly. Books and CD’s are professionally packed employing all safety majors to avoid any damage during transit. The consignees are furnished dispatched details soon after dispatch of order to ensure confirmation of delivery in time.

The marketing team and Account team work in close alliance with stores team for smooth execution of orders fulfilling financial requisites as per respective terms and conditions of orders. A professional Accounts team fulfills the important role of safeguarding the financial edifice for every activity of Books Division. It prepares the Invoices according to terms and condition of respective orders. It issues Credit Notes against the return of Books if any within the prescribed time, as per accepted criteria. Every transaction maintained specifically to identify the trend of business of respective party and their payment and outstanding. Funds being essential to continue in uninterruptedly publications and undertaking new publications, accounts team consistently follow up parties to collect dues wherever outstanding. Donations from generous devotees or organisations are promptly acknowledged with I.T. Exemption under 80G. All payments are made with approval of GM/ COO/CEO against authentic transactions/ purposes. Statutory auditors and internal auditors always guide to prevent any inadvertent lapses in financial dealings.

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