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News Date : 15 Nov 2020

Chinmaya Ramdoot families celebrated Virtual Diwali on November 15th morning at 10:30am. Many children and families prayed together to Lakshmi and performed “Shodasa upachara” 16 steps of Puja Vidhi with great reverence and shradda. Our chief guest was our Swami Shantananda ji, who surprised us with his online visit and gave the beautiful message and real meaning of Diwali and blessed all of us. We also listened to our Pujya Gurudev Swami Ch
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News Date : 01 Nov 2020

Light to Delight is Chinmaya Ramdoot's Diwali food drive for the needy community. Please consider donating to the food drive. Let us all “Light to Delight” this Diwali to bring a smile to someone & seek divine blessings upon us. Please sign up on the link below by seeing what items are needed. Between now & November 26th(Thursday) drop off the non perishable items at any of the 6 drop off locations.  Let’s give this holiday seas
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News Date : 25 Oct 2020

Chinmaya Ramdoot bala vihar children and families celebrated Dussehra on October 25, 2020 as one big family, virtually.  With Covid closing the doors, Ramdoot families opened the virtual windows! Travelling through a book on Navarathri, visiting different homes virtually and learning how Navarathri is celebrated in our Hindu culture is the highlight of this e-Dussehra event. You can view the event at https://youtu.be/TuD2TUHvGBs
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News Date : 03 Oct 2020

Parivar Yoga classes to rejuvenate mind and body started Saturday October 3rd, 8am. Many of our Ramdoot parivar members took part in this session. (more…)
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